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    philipino nude


    Formal dress not required

    I have never written about a restaurant two months in a row before but, philipino nude

    forgive me, I just have to break my rule and feature this fine dining

    establishment again. Chef Chris contacted me and asked that philipino nude I stop in and

    check out the newly renovated outdoor dining area aptly named the “Piazza”

    and folks, it is fantastic. For many philipino nude years I have hoped that this garden

    area would be developed into a place where one could enjoy a meal under the

    stars philipino nude in a setting that is both tranquil and romantic. Chris has more than

    come through for me as not only is the atmosphere such philipino nude that one immediately

    forgets the cold streets of Perimeter Road and Fields Ave but your sense of

    smell is activated with the aromas philipino nude of good food being prepared and then

    your sense of taste is overwhelmed with the magnificent dishes delivered to

    your table. The food philipino nude is EXCELLENT. Yes, the prices are reflective of a

    class high end restaurant but when I mentioned this to an individual that

    dines philipino nude frequently in Manila as well as here his response was:

    “For comparison, I took my wife out to a new Italian place in Manila. philipino nude It

    had rave reviews. The meal was about ½ as good as C and it cost the same

    as dinner for the 4 philipino nude of us at C.”

    The big screen

    OK, lets get away from prices and quality of food as I think I have

    philipino nude convinced you that the quality is excellent, now let me tell you about the

    pleasure of the outdoor dining. The garden setting is beautiful philipino nude but I

    would suggest little table lamps so one could see the menu without getting

    up to find a lighted area but imagine philipino nude being able to attend a movie theatre

    and enjoy a romantic meal at the same time. Well, I might be getting

    carried away philipino nude here but the “C” has installed a 135” TV screen, 16 speakers

    with Dolby Stereo and a DVD beamer. I was able to eat philipino nude and have a fantastic

    view of the Formula One race last Apr 25th. On certain nights Italian

    They loved the Osso Bucco

    philipino nude themed movies will be shown and various CD´s featuring different concerts,

    etc. It was fantastic! You really have to make a point of visiting philipino nude this

    restaurant. If you don´t like the heat of outdoors, no problem, they have

    a nicely air-conditioned room as well. What did I philipino nude eat during my visit?

    Well, I left the choices up to Chef Chris and he started me off with

    spaghetti amatriciana (white wine philipino nude flavored tomato sauce w/bacon &

    mushrooms) as an appetizer and it was fantastic. The various flavors

    within that dish were a blend of philipino nude perfection and he added a bit of spice at

    my request. The main meal consisted of Osso Bucco (Veal shank, braised in

    white philipino nude wine, served w/saffron risotto) . Folks, I myself, did not like this

    offering. Being a no class New Yorker, I had no idea what philipino nude the hell I was

    eating. I thought it was a soup bone and that it had a hell of a lot of

    fat philipino nude instead of meat on it. To my surprise, many of the asian bargirls customers around me

    were eating the same meal and were raving philipino nude about how good it was. I did not

    realize that what I thought was fat was really the veal and yes, I must

    philipino nude admit, that what I did eat was very tasty. Poor Chris, he was still nice

    to me when I told him how I felt philipino nude and I acknowledged that I just was not a

    veal shank man, even after I found out what it was. He did not cuss philipino nude me

    out, or tell me never to return; instead he acknowledged my ignorance with

    a smile and indicated that the next time he philipino nude will recommend a chicken

    entrée. With all the other diners looking at me, aghast at my poor taste,

    I grabbed my camera, bowed philipino nude my head and headed for the door. I did manage

    to thank Chris for providing me a bit of education in fine dining and philipino nude vowed

    to do better the next time. My son and his wife will be visiting me for

    nine days in May and I philipino nude can think of no better place to take them than the

    “C” but for sure, I will see the Chef ahead of time so philipino nude he can explain to me

    what he thinks this dumb New Yorker should eat. (All top quality meet at

    the “C” is provided philipino nude by Dee Bee Market on Friendship) .


    Hi guys!

    The name of the new bar is “Cherry´s Club” so the philipino nude ladies pictured here must

    be “Cherry Girls” except for owner Jerry (he would not open his mouth to

    smile) and his lovely wife philipino nude who are proudly in charge of this new addition

    to Perimeter Road. I was a bit skeptical when construction started as to

    whether philipino nude this would be a good idea but I was pleasantly surprised when I

    walked in and saw how nice it turned out. It is philipino nude a well laid out bar and

    they managed to take advantage of every inch of space to make it roomy,

    attractive, and nicely philipino nude air-conditioned with a great staff. It is located

    right next to Stampede and I had to laugh as I walked out of Cherry´s and philipino nude

    the door girls at Stampede aggressively tried to pull me into that bar; I

    loved the attention but had to get home. Actually, philipino nude this is a good one-two

    punch bar hop up from Fields Ave. Both establishments have a lot to offer.

    The “Cherry Girls” look philipino nude good especially the one with the nice chest

    pictured above. When I took the picture I did not realize how good she

    looked philipino nude and only when I was inserting the pictures in this column did I take

    notice. Now I have to force myself to go back philipino nude and investigate further.

    Darn, this job gets harder and harder, oh well, just remember, I don´t do

    this for myself, it is only philipino nude for the readers of this column that I drag

    myself from the TV and Priscilla.

    Big Boss - Little Boss

    FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE philipino nude

    Progress is being made on the construction of the Friendship bridge. I was

    told that a new contractor was hired and now they philipino nude are going all out. As

    you can see by the picture, there is still a long way to go but at least,

    now, philipino nude you see people working on it. I will try to get an estimated

    completion date but doubt that it will be this year.

    philipino nude Slowly but Surely


    Better rooms 2nd floor

    For a long time I have been wanting to check out the philipino nude Blue Rock Resort in

    Barrio Baretto, Olongapo and see what Tommo is building up. Last month I

    had to attend a Rotary District philipino nude Conference at Subic and elected to stay at

    the Blue Rock. I was able to book a room for one night and was lucky philipino nude to

    get that as they were full up. I was told that the room was inside the

    complex with no beach view. I philipino nude figured, what the hell, it is only for one

    night. Well, when I checked in and then saw the room, I was glad that philipino nude I

    was by myself for it was a pretty small room with not much of a bed but

    what the hell, it is philipino nude a beach resort, right, and one should not expect a

    great room. The cost for this oversized closet was P1,300 a night. I saw philipino nude

    Tommo at the bar and he mentioned that I should try and see the new rooms

    on the second floor and get a philipino nude picture or two. Regretfully, I never found

    the time to do that. You see, Priscilla the Horse decided to join me the

    next philipino nude day, along with our five year old son, Jason. When I found this out,

    I was desperate to get a bigger room but there philipino nude were none available. A

    fellow Rotarian that did not make the Conference on time called me and when

    I found out that he philipino nude had booked a beach view room at the Blue Rock for TWO

    nights I was filled with hope. I told him to call the philipino nude Blue Rock and get

    that room for me. Well, when I got to the room that night I found that

    this room was philipino nude even smaller than the other one and it did not even have a

    closet, just hooks on the wall. There was a table lamp philipino nude that I figured I

    could use for reading but the outlet was up on the wall over the bed and

    the cord would philipino nude not reach that far. This smaller, beach view room cost

    P1800 and I knew I now had a problem. Sure enough, the next day philipino nude when the

    Mrs arrived she said no way and we were able to get a nice room on Subic at

    the Crown Peak philipino nude for P1300. Now, I have heard that the new rooms on the

    newly constructed second floor are much larger and I have been told philipino nude that

    the remaining old rooms will be renovated as well. The Blue Rock itself is

    very nice, with its swimming pool, bar, food philipino nude and that great floating dock,

    but those old rooms SUCK!! The TV´s were old and only a 12” screen but at

    least they philipino nude had cable. I figure that any hotel that has less than a 21” TV

    in their rooms are putting out a bad impression to philipino nude the paying public. I

    will return to the Blue Rock when all room renovations have been completed

    but will be more than willing philipino nude to drop by and enjoy the company around the

    bar and beach area.


    1950´s style

    There has to philipino nude be a good reason to visit the Thi-Hi bar on Perimeter Road and

    I will let this picture provide the reason. What the hell, philipino nude I figured I

    needed a little cheesecake for the May column and this is a popular bar

    frequented by Philippiness and tourists alike. philipino nude Now, the girl in the middle, if

    you want to see her, you have to hurry as she is now pregnant. Yep, Offie

    philipino nude is on her fourth kid and this time a smooth talking Englishman dropped one

    of those little sperms in the old hot box. In philipino nude true English tradition of

    doing the right thing, Offie told me that he is going to pay for the

    hospital and provide support philipino nude as well, eh, as soon as the DNA test confirms

    that there is a bit of English in the little guy´s blood. If the philipino nude test

    turns up negative we may have to have a certain Kiwi tested next.


    Another year

    Last year philipino nude Larry gave a 21st birthday party for his son, Matt, at the Blue

    Nile Executive Club; one year later a few drinks at the philipino nude Hang-Out would

    suffice. Matt was in the company of that wild Maori, Dave White and Donna

    (aka Salty) . Salty, from New Zealand, philipino nude runs the dive shop at the Blue Rock

    and you can tell that she has been in the sun for many years as well philipino nude as

    doing a lot of diving in the salty oceans. I told Salty my sad tale about

    my rooms at the Blue Rock philipino nude and she is the one that told me all those rooms

    are scheduled for renovation. But, if you are interested in diving I got philipino nude

    the distinct impression that Salty could handle all your needs and that the

    Blue Rock is a popular gathering place for divers from philipino nude all over the world.

    Larry´s son Matt is a treasure hunter and does a lot of diving in the

    Zambales area. It was philipino nude fun to meet up with these folks and now I am

    wondering if I will be taking Matt´s birthday picture with his Dad every philipino nude



    Nick Schranker, from Oregon, California was an interesting lad to talk to.

    At 28 years old he philipino nude already owns his own company and is doing so well that

    he already has plans for retirement. This was his first trip to Angeles philipino nude

    City and he was staying at the Orchid Inn. It was nice to know that he

    reads this column every month and his philipino nude favorite bar while here was the

    Rhapsody. The lady he was with is a beauty by the name of Joy and

    naturally, she philipino nude is employed at the Rhapsody Club. Nick has a good taste in

    women and you can be sure this will not be his last philipino nude trip to Angeles City.

    Nick & Joy


    Her name is Jaycel, 22 years old, works as a philipino nude waitress at the Swagman and

    hails from Angeles City, a local gal. She has a 10 month old baby girl but

    I would philipino nude not hold that against her. She is a very personable young lady and

    prefers men in the 32 to 40 year old age group. philipino nude



    Happiness in Angeles City

    These two lads were so much fun to talk to that I just philipino nude had to include their

    picture this month. I even talked my “I would if I could” lady into posing

    with Terry even though, philipino nude for sure, he is past the age group she prefers.

    Ken and Terry Smith live in Melbourne, Victoria Australia and you know, I

    philipino nude forget which one is Ken and which one is Terry. That is the problem with

    taking a picture more than three weeks earlier and philipino nude then trying to use a

    memory that is fading with each passing year. Anyway, Ken has been coming

    here every year since 1977 philipino nude and knows what Angeles City has to offer. Terry

    had been married for 38 years until his wife passed away four years ago.

    philipino nude Only now is he starting to get over the loneliness of the past four years

    and what better place to relax and enjoy one´s philipino nude self than in Angeles City.

    I told them about the monthly Knights of the Brown Ring (AH Club) and they

    told me they philipino nude would plan their next visit to coincide with the first

    Day full of filipina porn and sex videos of the month. I look forward philipino nude to meeting them once again.

    That is all the words I can come up with this month. My body is weary and

    it philipino nude is time for me to wonder off to bed. Regrets to Dave and Spencer from

    the “Rising Sun” previously known as the “One Stop” philipino nude for not writing you

    guys up this month. I decided to save it for the June column at which time

    I think you philipino nude will have completed the renovations now taking place. I do

    want to feature the triplet sisters, two of whom are working for you.

    philipino nude Readers, next month, more details on Jenny and Anna, identical except that

    Anna has a slightly larger bra size. The other sister is working philipino nude in the

    filipina sex capital and that would be a good photo op if all three were together. The

    Rising Sun will be philipino nude open for business with GRO´s and dancers mid-May so I

    should be able to get a few good pictures. Meanwhile, my son and his philipino nude wife

    will be arriving on 1 May so I will be pretty busy playing host for nine

    days but I sure am looking philipino nude forward to it. Be back at you in June folks,

    but meanwhile, you will always find filipina bargirls and asian porn videos at our philipino nude site!.

    Select Month This months filipina porn video! February March April May June July August September

    October November December

    Select Year 2005 philipino nude 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000

    APRIL 2004

    I am glad to see April as Feb and March were a bit frustrating for me philipino nude with

    going in and out of hospital but later on in this column you will be able

    to read the details. Temporarily, I philipino nude am back in the saddle and more than

    happy to be able to provide this month´s column. Not sure what will happen

    in philipino nude the future as the webmaster has indicated he is bowing out of Go2Phil

    and has instructed “Bee” to find someone to help take it philipino nude over. No time

    schedule for this to happen but if it does you will be reading my farewell

    column. OK, don´t look so philipino nude happy about that as I will miss all you folks.

    I am getting a bit old though and am busy as newly elected secretary philipino nude of my

    Rotary Club and that is one time consuming task. Guys, it is mighty hot

    and dry right now and will be philipino nude for a few more months. Great swimming

    weather so plan on a few trips to the beach if you are coming this way, and philipino nude

    we hope you are. (can someone tell me why those stray words end up to the

    far left - I can´t fix it.) philipino nude

    ( )


    The following comments were sent in to me by a reader of my March column in

    answer philipino nude to my question about the LA Café in Manila: IMHO I figure a visit

    to the LA Café is on order for anyone having philipino nude to stay overnight in Manila.

    “LA Cafe? It´s a wild place. The first thing I want to tell you is DON´T

    take the philipino nude wife. It´s true, the place is wild and it´s FULL - to the rafters

    with women every night. The chicks in that place are philipino nude EXTREMELY

    aggressive. They don´t take “No” for an answer. It´s very

    difficult to get them to leave your table once they come over. philipino nude And they

    will approach and come onto you even if you have a lady with you. It´s

    bound to piss off the wife! philipino nude

    They are all hooking of course. I´ve been there several times when I was

    staying overnight in Manila but have never taken one philipino nude from there. Its fun

    to visit but the girls are too aggressive for me. It´s difficult to just go

    in there and relax philipino nude and have a beer or two. The girls will be all over you.

    If you´re in the market for one or two or three philipino nude though, it´s a great place.

    I understand from what some friends have told me that they want 1500-2000P

    for a short visit though philipino nude you can negotiate that price down somewhat. Guys

    have told me that most of the chicks in that place aren´t looking for

    all-nighters, philipino nude but I´m sure you could find some that are willing if the

    price is right.

    Don´t know if you are familiar with the philipino nude Robinson´s Mall in Ermita, several

    blocks from La Cafe and Swagman Hotel, but there are literally dozens of

    girls hanging around that place philipino nude every afternoon, all available. I wonder

    if it will be the same at the Robinson´s Mall going up here and soon to

    open, philipino nude next month.” (the horse doubts it but will investigate once it


    I enjoy putting in comments from the lads that are abroad philipino nude and have taken

    the time to visit our fair city. This was received from Brian Johnson,

    currently residing in Darwin, Northern Australia.

    philipino nude “I am not what you would call an old hand around Angeles. However from

    memory my last visit in December/This months filipina porn video! philipino nude just gone was my sixth. My first

    visit was in 1997 when I was living in Seoul - have been hooked ever since.

    philipino nude Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I shall be retiring next year

    and will be able to spend more time in your part philipino nude of the world.


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    All reservations must be reconfirmed 5 days prior to the reservation date

    otherwise the reservation will be philipino nude automatically cancelled. It is also

    Resort Policy that after 4pm on the day of your reservation you do not

    show, without prior arrangement philipino nude with management, the room will be made

    vacant. Check in and out time is 11.00am

    Credit Card facilities are available at the resort philipino nude ( VISA, MASTERCARD,

    AMEX) however an 8% surcharge applies.


    This message was sent to me and many others but philipino nude I am sure that it was meant

    for me to reprint it here as a heads up about the latest Master/Visa card

    scam philipino nude going around in the States. Guess no matter where you live there are

    some pretty clever con artists ready to get your money. Hope philipino nude this

    information is a help to all credit card holders.

    This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA &

    Mastercard philipino nude Telephone Credit Card Scam works, you´ll be better prepared to

    protect yourself. Thanks to Dr. Pat Cloney for passing this on. Those con

    philipino nude artists get more creative every day.

    My husband was called on Wednesday from “VISA”, and I was called on

    Thursday from “MasterCard”. The philipino nude scam works like this: Person calling says,

    “this is , and I´m calling from the Security and Fraud Department at VISA.

    My Badge philipino nude number is

    12460. Your card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I´m

    calling to verify. This would be on your philipino nude VISA

    card which was issued by bank. Did you purchase an Anti-Telemarketing

    Device for $497.99 from a marketing

    company based in Arizona?” philipino nude

    When you say “No”, the caller continues with, “Then we will be issuing a

    credit to your account. This is a company we philipino nude have

    been watching and the charges range from $297 to $497, just under the $500

    purchase pattern that flags most cards. Before

    philipino nude your next statement, the credit will be sent to (gives you your address) ,

    is that correct?” You say “yes”. The caller continues. I philipino nude will be

    starting a Fraud investigation. If you have any questions, you should call

    the 1-800 number listed on the back of your philipino nude card (1-800-VISA) and ask for

    Security. You will need to refer to this Control #” The caller then gives

    you a 6 digit philipino nude number. “Do you need me to read it again?”

    Here´s the IMPORTANT part on how the scam works. The caller then says, “he

    philipino nude needs to verify you are in possession of your card”. He´ll ask you to “turn

    your card over and look for some numbers. There philipino nude are 7 numbers; the first 4

    are your card number, the next 3 are the ´Security Numbers´ that verify you

    are in possession philipino nude of the card. These are the numbers you use to make

    Internet purchases to prove you have the card. Read me the 3 numbers”. philipino nude

    After you tell the caller the 3 numbers, he´ll say ,”That is correct. I

    just needed to verify that the card has not philipino nude been lost or stolen, and that

    you still have your card. Do you have any other questions?” After you say

    No, the caller philipino nude then Thanks you and states, “Don´t hesitate to call back if

    you do”, and hangs up.

    You actually say very little, and they philipino nude never ask for or tell you the card

    number. But after we were called on Wednesday, we called back within 20

    minutes to philipino nude ask a question. Are we glad we did! The REAL VISA Security

    Department told us it was a scam and in the last 15 philipino nude minutes a new purchase

    of $497.99 was charge on our card.

    Long story made short, we made a real fraud report and closed philipino nude the VISA

    card, and they are reissuing us a new number. What the scammers wants is

    the 3-digit PIN number on the back philipino nude of the card. Don´t give it to them.

    Instead, tell them you´ll call VISA or Master card direct. The real VISA

    told us philipino nude that they will never ask for anything on the card as they already

    know the information since they issued the card! If you give philipino nude the scammers

    your 3 Digit PIN Number, you think you´re receiving a credit. However, by

    the time you get your statement, you´ll see philipino nude charges for purchases you

    didn´t make, and by then it´s almost too late and/or harder to actually

    file a fraud report. What makes philipino nude this more remarkable is that on Thursday,

    I got a call from a “Jason Richardson of MasterCard” with a word-for-word

    repeat of the philipino nude VISA scam. This time I didn´t let him finish. I hung up! We

    filed a police report, as instructed by VISA. The police said philipino nude they are

    taking several of these reports daily! They also urged us to tell everybody

    we know that this scam is happening.

    philipino nude Please pass this on to all your friends. By informing each other, we

    protect each other. Thank-You.


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